Friday, September 2, 2011

The Dog Days of Life

Hello. It's been a while since my last post. I've been going thru what my friend, Pr. Darrel coined 'the dog days of life'.  I received his church's newsletter a couple weeks back and this was his letter. It hit me like a ton of bricks - like a homerun hitter's bat hits a ball - like a ... hit. Hard. Take a read. Enjoy. Drink.


From the Pastor’s Desk

The dog days of summer are truly upon us. Records are being broken around the country as a high pressure system has been sitting right over most of Mid-America. Coupled with high humidity, it s dangerous to be outside doing even modest activity for any length of time. Meteorologists caution against excessive heat reminding us to wear light clothing, drink plenty of liquid, and take frequent rest breaks when we are going to be outside.

This summer’s heat is a good metaphor for the dry hot spells that can occur in our spiritual lives also. Receiving devastating news, dealing with broken relationships or long term resentments can be as hard on our spiritual wellbeing as the hot sun is on our physical well-being. Like the dog days of summer, the effects of spiritual neglect can drain us of the spirit of life that God so desires for us.

What the meteorologists reminds us are helpful hints as we deal with the dreaded heat of this summer. They can also provide us with needed relief as we face life’s issues that would otherwise stifle our spiritual joy:

1) Wear Light Clothing. Don’t let yourself get weighted down with the stresses of life, what we shall eat and what we shall wear. Our heavenly Father knows what we need and He, who clothes the grasses of the earth and feeds the birds of the air, will provide for His children.

2) Drink plenty of liquid. Take in the nourishment your spiritual body needs as well. Reading, study and meditation on God’s word will richly supply your body with what it needs to replenish your spirit and renew your faith and life in Christ.

3) Take frequent rest breaks. Take time to gather with your brothers and sisters in Christ around Word and Sacrament each Sunday morning. Hymns of praise, words of encouragement, reconciliation with God and one another and feasting at the table on the life giving body and blood of our Lord and Savior is ‘good food for the soul’

I hope you are carefully managing yourself as we work our way through the ‘dog days of summer’ and equally important, carefully managing yourself as you work through the emotional and spiritual ‘dog days of life.’

May God, who is able, richly bless you and refresh you in body, mind, and spirit.

Pastor Darrel

Pr. Darrel is the pastor at United Lutheran Church in Bella Vista, AR

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